Canada sends experts to Ghana over kidnapped nationals

A group of Canadian security specialists have touched base in the Ashanti territorial capital, Kumasi, to help discover two captured nationals.

It pursued the visit the Inspector General of Police, David Asante Apeatu and the delegate Canadian High Commissioner to Kumasi throughout the end of the week to get an instructions on examinations concerning the seizing of the ladies outsiders.

The High Commissioner, Heather Cameron who drove an assignment to Kumasi daily after the two ladies were captured, served see specialists would be brought from abroad to help examinations.

The two females, matured 19 and 20, were packaged into a red Toyota vehicle by four men at the passage of a private inn, when they ventured out of a Uber vehicle at about 8:25 p.m on June 4, 2019.

The four men are said to have discharged a few cautioning shots to avoid spectators at about 8:25 p.m.

A Uber driver who transported the exploited people from a café at Asokwa and saw their snatching has since been grabbed to help police examinations.

The landing of the officers, incorporating a master in haggling, is viewed as a lift to the examinations to find the whereabouts of two Canadian nationals.

It took police more than 48 hours to issue an official explanation on the grabbing.

The vanished women until their snatching were working with a non-legislative association, Youth Challenge International.

On June 4, 2019, when they were seized at Nhyiaeso, under two months after an Indian national was protected from his captors who had requested a payoff of $500,000 in bitcoins.

Police in an announcement on June 6, 2019, solicited media to be sagacious from the touchy idea of the issue and asked the general population to volunteer data on the people in question and the ruffians.

In any case, police are yet to distribute the photos of the unfortunate casualties who are accepted to have been in the nation for under about fourteen days preceding their hijack.


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