Bullet gave most of the songs we wrote together to Wendy Shay including 'Steve wonder' – Ms Forson

The to and fro between CEO of Rufftown records Ricky Nana Agyemang prominently known as Bullet and his previous artiste, Ms Forson, still waits on.

In a meeting with Sammy Kay on the 'Go online show', Ms Forson uncovered that melodies she recorded with Bullet that should turn out never emerged.

She said after the passing of Ebony, numerous things occurred. As per her, Bullet, unexpectedly, requested 50,000 dollars from her. She asserted Bullet said so he would likewise make accessible 50,000 dollars, so they could work with it as a venture for her undertaking.

Ms Forson said she didn't get tied up with that thought since it was 'out of substance' for her as another artiste.

The 'voluptuous' woman expressed that a large portion of the tunes she composed with Bullet and recorded at the time she was at Rufftown Records are what Wendy Shay sings now.

Honestly, she stated, Bullet used to compose the melody however her information sources are in there and completely expressed a tune as shay Wendy's "Steve Wonder" was a piece of the tunes she composed during her time with Rufftown Records.


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