Bridget Otoo trolled on social media for hypocritical celebrity endorsement tweets and article

Bridget Otoo has angered the masses on social media after her series of tweets suspected to be directed at the number of celebrities endorsing the sitting president of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo, What broke the camels back was allegedly the recent endorsement by rapper Sarkodie who features kuami Eugene which has its own drama in a story we will pause on for another day.

back to Bridget, she wrote an article on popular blogger ameyaw debrah's website

she titles it "Vote for candidates who have the best policies and not because of celebrity endorsements-

in her series of tweets later in the day she tweets quote "‘CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS in Ghana’ Celebrities - are influential but their endorsements aren’t based on a proper research or interrogation of party policies or manifestos, nor is it based on party based on ideals and principles. It is simply put ‘MONEY MOVES’

Now it would have been all good if she had not deleted tweets from 2012 and 2016 which proves she is just being hypocritical because it seems she is a strong supporter of the party in opposition, tweets that show her love for ads by celebrities like Nigerian actor and comedian usuofia paid by the then government, Her alleged party the NDC, but as the saying goes "The internet never forgets, there is always a receipt"

why bore u, check the tweets out yourself including some tweets from followers that rubbished her claims

NOTE, here she tweets about STARS endorsing Nam 1 but with so many stars endorsing nam 1 she puts out only sarks picture, make of that what you would.

Bridget otoo then retweets this tweet

she Retweets this Also

Now that all that is done, u up to speed at least a bit with why Bridget Otoo is trending, now lets see why social media users are angry and trolling her, for its clear as day is a hypocritical take from the Bridget

some deleted tweets from 2012 and 2016 elections when her alleged party the NDC were in power

this was her tweet from 2012, Onaapo a slogan for the then sitting government NDC

A tweet in 2016 where she claims every sitting president deserves a second term, But cant say same for the current government

Here she clearly loves the advert the then sitting government paid Nigerian Celebrity Usuofia to promote.

Here are some social media users reaction


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