Bow Wow disrespects Ex Ciaria on stage as hip hop nation including T.I reacts in disdain

Bow Wow has been one of those figures in hip-hop in the course of the most recent couple of years who has spellbound fans and has been hit with some entirely weighty analysis now and again. He achieved the pinnacle of his notoriety over 10 years prior and from that point forward, it has been hard for Shad Moss to truly get his balance in the rap game. Once in a while, this has prompted some open upheavals and some faulty exhibitions. Bow Wow as of late got the chance to perform at a club and amidst his melody with Ciara called "Like U," he delayed for a short minute to state "I had this b**** first." obviously, this is in reference to the way that Bow Wow dated Ciara over 10 years prior.

Since dating Bow Wow, Ciara had a fruitless association with Future and in the long run wedded NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. Bow Wow's decree was genuinely unusual and inspired a few responses from those remarking on the post.

Indeed, even T.I got included remarking "Damn Cuzz...just damn!!" It's certain that individuals weren't feeling Bow Wow's insolence and some even called him silly for it.

Bow Wow's get out was surely uncalled for particularly since they haven't been as one in more than ten years. From numerous points of view, it feels like Ray J's upheavals about Kim Kardashian some time ago.


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