Beyoncé's mom endorses Ghanaian brand

The head honcho mother, Tina Knowles has shared an image of herself shaking a Christie Brown exquisite suit on Instagram.

American representatives and style originator, Tina Knowles has shared an image of herself shaking dazzling attire made by Ghanaian architect, Christie Brown.

The magnate mother and style symbol who as of late uncovered in a meeting how she curated an occasion assortment for Caché, Solange's wedding looks and planning for Destiny's Child lauded the top Ghanaian brand for its imagination and inventiveness.

Tina took to Instagram to post "Greetings This suit is by Christie Brown, a gifted Ghanaian creator. She blends conventional African prints in with pinstripes and the jeans are extremely cool. I got it in Ghana".

In spite of the fact that her little girls Beyoncé and Solange Knowles are known for their perfect faculties of style and are design symbols in their own privileges, mother Tina Knowles unquestionably had a tremendous part in molding their styles and we are upbeat she adores Ghanaian plans.


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