Becky lynch and Auska set to steal the show at the Royal Rumble.

Becky has undoubtedly been the face of wwe for the year 2019 and fans can't still get enough of her, headlining shows in almost every ppv and wwe live events, The Man is indeed The Man.

Now just a little walk down the ring is another superstar that undoubtedly is as and even maybe more talented than Becky, we talking about Auska, with 2019 first quarter not one she would want to remember, late 2019 saw her push her way back up to the top, Winning the tag team championship with kairi sane as the kabuki warriors, they make quite a formidable team and heel, Auska with her new gimmick the green mist proves to be a force to reckon with.

These two superstars clash at royal rumble where Becky knowing very well she has never beaten Auska in singles match ever, The man requested of Auska for her help, help to fight her to prove herself if she is indeed the man, well Auska obliged, Auska a submission specialist and hard hitting wrestler is definitely the underdog or is she, if she wins Beckys world comes crushing down, as Auska proves she is no Man and she Auska is the Empress of tomorrow

Becky said quote

"I usually say that it's my opponents who need me, but this time - Asuka, I need you.'' ― @BeckyLynchWWE

This is a match we definitely will be looking out for at the ROYAL RUMBLE, and u don't want to miss.


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