Becca's husband indeed called her mother a witch (family statement)

On the off chance that anybody believed that Becca's meeting on Hitz FM prior today would finish the brouhaha between her significant other and her mom's family, at that point they would be acridly frustrated.

This is on the grounds that the Oti family (Becca's maternal family) have likewise issued an announcement on the continuous adventure.

The Oti family demanded that it is undoubtedly obvious that Becca's better half considered his relative a witch, and challenged him to create an impression in the event that he didn't call her such.

As per the announcement, they were incredibly stunned at the press articulation from Mr Acheampong, yet realizing that he impregnated their relative at fifteen years old, under extremely odd conditions, they were not astonished by any means.

The Oti family communicated their mistake at the misrepresentations that were leveled against Juliana Oti by Mr. Acheampong and asserted that that shows how he's reluctant to take care of the current issue.


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