Apple, Samsung and huawei Sales from 2017 to date and who is ruling the smartphone market.

The smartphone market has been a jungle of the wild, if u ain't smart enough you drop the food chain real quick, here is an estimation of sales in 2019 from data we have from IDC since 2017, Samsung making big sales since 2017 and huawei coming in hot, Apple is steady on sales with marginal gains and drops.

Here is the data. tech index report Smartphone sales. Samsung 2017: 317 million 2018: 292 million 2019 estimate - 315 million Apple 2017: 215 million 2018: 208 million 2019 estimate 220 million Huawei 2017: 154 million 2018: 206 million 2019 estimate 280 million (IDC) Samsung and huawei is becoming a problem for Apple, Samsung and huawei will control the smartphone market. Also available on Android still a superior os to the iOS.



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