14 yr old ,school girl has twin sister growing inside her[Photos]

Updated: May 24, 2019

Veronica Cominguez, 14, was brought into the world with a 'twin' which did not grow appropriately but rather proceeded to by one way or another develop inside her.

Presently Veronica Cominguez from Iligan City, in the Philippines, is at long last going to get the assistance she needs.

She was brought into the world with surplus appendages and an oval molded middle which had a place with a parasitic twin which did not grow appropriately.

The additional parts kept on developing and Veronica even cleans her living ''twin'' and cuts their finger nails for them.

Local people have now fund-raised for her to travel to neighboring Thailand for an activity to expel them.

Veronica stated: ''When I was nearly nothing, I thought it was only a foot however as I grew up, it increased


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